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Database Developer (Change Requests and Incidents)

Reference: #382

-Spin up new Virtual SQL server (not in DBA scope)
-Migrate all databases from existing server instance to new server instance
-Configure SQL software / databases to use latest SQL versions (for example, turn off compatibility mode and test)
-Analyze any existing SQL code / jobs to optimize and increase performance based on analysis.
-Patch all SQL servers / windows servers to latest versions (not in DBA scope). 
-Azure Development Skills (including experience with Azure Data Factories, Azure Data Flows, Data Lake, Delta Lake, Azure Databricks and JSON) as the intention is to use Data Factories to orchestrate the process of collecting files from SFTP and landing them on the Data Lake, from there transformations will be handled in ADF of Databricks with staging to Delta Lake tables and loading to final SQL database being handled by either Python notebooks or ADF.
-Prod Interface Development – This could be .NET based or SQL based, I’m happy for either solution, but ideally error handling for all processes should be tied into ArrowWeb, so .NET skills would be useful.
-.NET experience to enable us to ties dashboards, error handling etc. into ArrowWeb as I’m aiming to make this our operational portal of choice in the UK.
-The historic data extract, the intention is to either drop the raw files into the data lake and allow Antony Rudkin to pick them up from there, or import the raw data into Delta Lake tables and allow it to be used from there (so the skill requirements are covered on the above)
-EBCDIC to ASCII conversions
These are our mindsets and what you can expect from us:
- Attractive salary package
- Meal allowance on card
- Health insurance extended to dependents
- Good work environment
- Focused and motivated team
- Integration into a solid, reliable and growing company
- Initial and ongoing training according to the needs of each employee
- Referral program that financially values our employees for helping the company to grow
- Company with national and international presence and expression
- We believe that 8 hours of work are enough to do a good job

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